United States, UFO Report on The New York Times: 'Drones Are Not American Airplanes'

Official US intelligence document on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) or Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena (UAP) in preparation: to be submitted to Congress on June 25. The New York Times published a preview, which in essence Believe what has already been expressedWith the addition of elements that do not close the story.

The report, as reported by The New York Times, actually proves that there is “no evidence” that atmospheric phenomena attesting to the presence of military personnel in the air and at sea are attributable to “alien spaceships.” But when evaluating testimonials always, “they cannot be excluded.” “This is not an American technology,” he notes. An essential element because according to direct testimonies of military personnel, UAPs exhibit behavior that is not reproducible from known military and civilian aircraft. The report also examines incidents involving a foreign military, and intelligence believes that “at least some weather phenomena could be experimental technology from a rival power, most likely Russia or China.” Countries with hypersonic technology, recorded in a series of 120 “accidents” of it, given other characteristics, explanations are still elusive. But according to the report, they have nothing to do with American technology. What about virtual aliens? There is no evidence. But there is no evidence that this is not the case.

Ufo, more than 70 years of scenes and mystery

In short, a complex scenario, especially for national security. Given that the behavior of the UAP seems impossible for well-known aircraft, with sudden vertical and horizontal accelerations, speeds much higher than those of military fighters, time spent in the air away from the drones, and even sudden disappearances and appearances in different areas of the pilots, say the pilots. . An inexplicable phenomenon beyond military control, something that sounds more science fiction than technology. Which US intelligence admits they know nothing about, just as former President Obama recently said on TV: “There are movies and recordings of things in the sky that we don’t know what exactly.”

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Thus, the official report on flying objects is an exact copy of what the US defense had previously experienced at the same time as the videos that arrived from the Omaha ship and were filmed off San Diego. The phenomenon of Ufo (or Uap) exists, it is real, but it has (yet) no explanation. A persistent ambiguity that does not allow a definition of the origin of the phenomenon or even an explanation of the atmospheric activities (as well as marine activities, in the case of transmedia organisms) recorded by the military. A puzzle that Congress will likely make decisions after the report.


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