Sony's first drone costs $9,000

Sony’s first signed drone is called Airpeak and at $9,000 excluding taxes, it’s not aimed at the general public, but especially for video production professionals. This quadcopter is a racing beast capable of flying at a speed of 90 km/h and can remain stable in the face of winds of 72 km/h. Equipped with a camera, however it makes sense to be equipped with a hub to embed a “real” camera, type Sony Alpha (or even FX3) in full format and its optics.

Sony offers its flying capability. And the back of the spoon didn’t go for aerodynamic certifications, as the device was tested in the Japan Aerospace Agency (JAXA) wind tunnel.

Its flight capabilities are multiplied by digital guidance systems, with special algorithms for obstacle detection, automatic return to base, internal automatic pilot mode (without GPS signal, etc.). Designed to be piloted via a dedicated remote control that can receive a smartphone or tablet for video feedback.

On the software side, only the iOS version of the mobile app is available at the moment – Sony hasn’t moved anything about Android. The flight planning system is compatible with a wide variety of stations, since it is a web application (Airpeak base).

Also to discover the video:

Also to discover the video:

Designed and manufactured in Japan, Airpeak comes with two sets of blades, remote control, two batteries and charger – gimbal is optional. The device will be available in select countries next fall.


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