The conflict of politics and the judiciary Meloni: “Problems in a small part”

“I believe that there is no clash between politics and the judiciary, and we must remember that for those coming from the right, those who serve the state are always a reference point. Therefore, the idea that there should be clashes between state forces is wrong. This does not mean not to point out that there are problems in every area, and the problem is that a small section of the judiciary believes that the actions of some governments that are not in line with a certain vision of the world should be opposed, as happened, for example, with regard to immigration. Minister Giorgia Meloni responded to journalists’ questions about the Crosetto case. Meloni added: “Frankly, I found it disproportionate to say that the constitutional reform had an anti-democratic drift: these are good statements in politics.”

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Then the Prime Minister also spoke about the Delmastro case. “The judges believe Delmastro should go to trial, and the prosecutor believes Delmastro’s case should be dismissed twice, so I would say it’s appropriate to wait for a final conviction, perhaps to determine him guilty,” he said. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at a press point in Dubai.

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