PMU - Quintain's visit to Toulouse on Thursday, November 11: A ceremony on the wire

Visit: 4-3-13-16-1

The Quint du Jோர்r, which competed on the softest ground (at 4.1 penetrometer), took place at the Toulouse Racecourse, which hosted the best meeting of the year. Sixteen competitors between the ages of 3 and 8 competed in the 2,400-meter run at the event. The small number of stalls and those who prefer wet surfaces attracted attention. Among them: the winner Just formality (n ° 4).

With 4 pulls, the resident of Christoph Escuder quickly found himself in front. After creating a sharp acceleration straight home, he was tough until the end to push back the best end of the race.Olympia. He won his fourth major injury with a nose and gave a new win to Michael Barcelona, ​​the teacher of four, yesterday in Saint-Cloud. The latter comes down to six wins by Maxim Keon, who tops the Kravach d’Or rankings. Minimum failure for success, Olympia (n ° 3) is the largest reference to the species. The 4-year-old was slow to find the opening through the rope. As soon as she was born, she finished very strong and made a winner. If it had benefited from a more positive trend, it would have imposed itself.

Bijetro (n ° 13) Makes a firm debut in this level of competition. This is the only horse that has painted the number on the outside. In good condition to get out of the last curve, he made a good effort in the extended middle straight line to catch the third. After its success at ParisLongchamp on October 28 this brand new donkey has progressed one step further by proving its competitiveness despite its four kilogram overload.

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The lightest weight of the race, Stalin’s leader (# 16) caused a surprise. After jumping to fourth or fifth, he gave a good boost and played his game better to get to fourth. Triggered (n ° 1) completes the visit. He was not expected to have such a party at this value (40) because of his poor performance in Clairefontaine, which makes no difference to him.

Stevie Toussaint mentioned Trifecta in five horses, while Halim Buchas and set suggested it in the disorder in seven horses.


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