Democrats' fears of Biden and the temptation of the alternative –

The result of the Republican vote in New Hampshire does not displease the White House: Donald Trump's clear victory among Republicans makes the nomination of the candidate whom Joe Biden finds easier to beat almost inevitable, while Nikki Haley's support share shows that the Conservative leader is deeply unpopular among independent votersThis is necessary to win the elections next November. It allows the former South Carolina governor to continue the battle in the primaries, forcing Trump to burn his campaign resources in the right-wing party's infighting.

the But opinion polls have so far proven Biden wrong. He was forced to change course once he realized the failure of his choice to focus the campaign on the successes of Bidenomics and its interventions in the economic sphere. Now the president has turned a corner, focusing on the dangers to democracy as a result of a second Trump and on women's rights violated by anti-abortion laws in various conservative states: We will have to see whether the change in strategy will work.

who, in the progressive front, He remains skeptical about Biden's chances In order to outmaneuver Trump, he continues to imagine alternative scenarios: the hypothesis of a withdrawal that the president could announce in the summer, before or during the Democratic Party convention in August in Chicago, perhaps for health reasons. At this point the score will be reset Primary Elections (Democratic elections will begin in February in South Carolina While yesterday's election, which Biden won over the only candidate who challenged him, Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips, has only symbolic value, it does not determine delegates.) It will then be up to party leaders to rally around a new candidate capable of becoming a viable alternative to Trump's return in just three to four months.

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The names that are persistently being circulated are those of two rulers who have achieved a certain level of national reputation: Gavin Newsom in California and Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan. Another emerging name is Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear. He is popular because he is a moderate, and he was easily re-elected in a state that gave Trump a victory in the presidential election by 28 percentage points. But he is a little-known figure nationally: sending him into the fray without testing him in the primaries would be reckless.

As for Michelle Obama, she is a well-known and well-liked person, but she has repeatedly and categorically ruled out her candidacy.. 1 week ago Suspended from New York PostA popular conservative newspaper owned by the Murdoch family re-presented the hypothesis of his candidacy, which will remain secret for the time being so as not to anger Biden. It sounds more like a suggestion or an attempt to wreak havoc on the Democratic House than a concrete possibility. But among progressives there are also those who hope so: Michelle, who, facing the prospect of Trump returning to the White House (she has already said it scares her), has other ideas. But at this point it will end up in the Trump meat grinder, ready to denounce the “possessive” tendencies of the Democratic Party that is passed down from one family to another, from the Clintons to the Obamas.


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