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“Alien beings” parallel 38: a possible explanation for the dictator. Balloons are really used to send flyers and a USB stick

“Stranger things” (i.e. from outside) brought the epidemic to North Korea. It is the new version of the system, which in May had to recognize spread of covid-19, with shocking numbers on the infection front (over 4 million) and incredibly low deaths: just 71. Kim Jong-un addressed the issue of the inability of the health and safety pyramid. Now the new version: Covid-19 has arrived with items shipped from South Korea, surpassing that 38 offer.

write the Rodong Sinmuna newspaper affiliated with the northern regime, whose investigation identified how the infection was transmitted in Pyongyang by some residents of Ivo-ri, a town on the inter-Korean border. These people had touched or picked up “strange objects” in balloons sent for propaganda purposes by activists in the South..

Balloons shooting north is an old story: they contain fliers against the Kim family, USB ports for watching Western programming, and even some kind of relief. According to Pyongyang, the latest payloads would also have contained the terrible coronavirus caused by Covid-19. Scientifically, it seems practically impossible for the infection to be transmitted in a balloon. Experts believe it is likely that the infection has passed along the border with China, where there is a constant flow of smuggling. But Kim likes the “Southern aliens” version more, because he blames the grease on the Seoul government and the exiles who organize the ball jumps.

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