slip Alessandro Orsini. in video registered on YouTube Yesterday, December 19, on Budapest Note affiliate 1994, professor of sociology of terrorism mistook a machine translator. In the video explaining whether or not Russia has violated the agreements, at 1:15, he references an article from The New York Times from specificWilliam J Broad». In wanting to emphasize that it’s a universal piece, it does so, too spelling Writer: “ample». In fact, there is no William Amble. The journalist in question uses the title “WideAnd perhaps – online observers accuse – Orsini used it google translator who also translated the author’s name into Italian. there slip From the professor did not go unnoticed by users who have already started posting it on social networks. There are indeed those who use mistakes as a tool to question their own skills. This is the case of the journalist Antonio Talia, who is the first to notice the question, which asks himself: «If Orsini did not have the cognitive tools to understand the error in the machine translation of the article, how would he be able to decode and then explain the content of the article. By themselves?” Another user points out: «The ‘experts’ who feel they are the best of all: Professor Orsini teaches us about the Budapest Memorandum with Google Translate, he also says Sorry I translate So he lied.”

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