LMB: Fight stole the limelight in the South Zone final between Diablos Rojos and Leones de Yucatán

Baseball is one of the most exciting sports, but it is also one of the most tense among players during critical matches. At the end of running shingles From the Mexican League of Baseball (LMB), between Mexico Red Devils and Yucatan LionsSouls went to extremes at the archer Unit Negrin She celebrated it after she left Emmanuel Avila In the fifth half.

At that point in the game The Red Devils found themselves in a lower race than their competitors. However, they found themselves at a disadvantage, as they had riders in third place. In this sense, hit by Avila could have meant a tie race. With the motto of no score allowed, Negrín was put on the hill and made third to maintain the supremacy.

Those who attended Kukulkán Ball Park applauded the achievement. for this reason, the Cuban bowler shouted and issued a series of comic words and gestures that made the opposing player uncomfortable. Although the camera at that moment was not focused on Emmanuel Avila, significant movement was observed within the diamond, as the hitter went from the capital to face his opponent to claim his unsportsmanlike stance.

Despite the controversial spectacle and the referee’s presence at the center of the field, Negrin continued to defy and throw nods at Avila’s face. The demon player took off his helmet and racket, as well as his opponent’s glove. At that moment, the two protagonists’ attitude at the atypical moment alerted the rest of the campus, as well as those who attended the meeting.

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Immediately, the players who were defending approached the scene. For their part, the visiting detectives members quickly jumped onto the field to defend their teammates. The scene, at the time, gathered dozens of players in green and red. In stacks, some players took the opportunity to shake off the tension that had built up over five matches and exchanged a few batches.

The tension lasted for a few minutes and moved from the hill of the chord to the end zone. The players managed to separate and the match continued. In this way, another chapter was added to the rivalry between the capital and Yucatecan, which had mostly grown over recent seasons.

Actions in the game became tense at the end of the fifth inning (Image: Screenshot/ESPN)

A year after the project was announced, the government Yucatan reported progress in New government sports complex She confirmed that it may be Available from 2023, which is the year it will become one of the state’s top tourist destinations and a provider of jobs from day one of its construction.

Celebrate this news with all baseball and football fans in the country, especially those who will be able to take advantage of its facilities, as it is a stadium logistically designed to host baseball and football matches thanks to technology in exchange for the grass and the stands.

The teams that will use this complex will be Spinner football in MX . League Expansion, and the black Baseball, who compete in mexican baseball league; However, the complex can be used for different events, as it is a multi-purpose stadium that aims to be one of the economic centers of the region and which also claims to be sustainable.

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