Attempted coup in Bolivia, lightning attack by Zuniga's then demobilized army – Latin America

The soldiers deployed in Plaza Murillo, where the main buildings of Bolivian democracy overlook, were demobilized after the appointment of a new army commander, who asked everyone to return to the barracks. Bolivian President Luis Arce said: “We salute the military who wear the uniform with pride” as different from those “who are repeating history by trying to carry out a coup when the Bolivian people have always been democratic.” He stressed that “the new appointment must satisfy unconstitutional desires,” calling on residents to remain calm.

Vice President of Bolivia, David ChoquehuancaHe had denounced a “coup” against the government of Luis Arce: “We condemn the international community for a coup in Bolivia against our democratically elected government,” Choquehuanca said. Evie writes that.

Former President of Bolivia Evo Moralesmay report Morales continued his post, which concluded with an appeal to the people “to defend the homeland from some military groups working against democracy,” that “this means that the coup was prepared in advance.”

Zuniga He – who was sacked after publicly threatening former President Evo Morales – announced that a new government would be appointed soon because “the country cannot continue like this.” The Bolivian press interviewed the general after about a hundred soldiers under his command stormed the government headquarters in Murillo Square in La Paz. President Luis Alberto Arce had shortly before described the work of the armed forces as “irregular.” Former Head of State Morales called on citizens and political movements to take to the streets. After leaving the square, the police arrested him on charges of “attempted coup.”“.

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Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS)“Condemns in the strongest terms the action of the Bolivian Army” which must “immediately submit to civilian authority as stipulated in the Inter-American Democratic Charter.” This is what the head of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, said in his speech during the United Nations General Assembly. The organization's assembly, held in Asuncion, Paraguay, spoke immediately after being informed of the complaint by President Luis Alberto Arce Catacura, who reported at The international community, the Organization of American States and the OAS Secretariat will not tolerate any form of disruption of the legitimate constitutional order in Bolivia or elsewhere.

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