The legend meets (on) a Youtuber: There are two winners in this boxing match

Meet the Legend (on) Youtuber
There are two winners in this boxing match

Will he survive the fight? Will he “sin”? YouTube star Logan Paul does look like seppuku. He competes against the legendary Floyd Mayweather in boxing. In the end, he was dubbed the “winner”. Both are winners, but not for sporting reasons.

He should gladly accept a scratch on the side of the left eye: after a show fight against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, Youtuber Logan Paul can not only look forward to millions in income, but also boast of his right-handed performance. Finally, the self-marketing artist at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami blundered against the former world champion in five different weight classes until the very last gong of the eighth round. Many spectators expected a knockout of the Apprentice in 30 minutes. Because he wasn’t there, they both saw themselves as the winner.

“No one should ever tell me again that something is impossible,” the 26-year-old said into the microphone, but then admitted as well, “I would go home and ask myself, ‘Should I be allowed to survive?’ It was an honor.” This is the coolest ever.”

Crazy and sometimes suspicious videos posted on Youtube have made Paul, like his younger brother Jake, a social media star with millions of fans – and a worthwhile opponent even in the eyes of a retired former boxer. Because 44-year-old Mayweather (nickname: “Money”) is always up to the good work. Mayweather then said, “Before I got on the field, I made a million. When I sat in the locker room, I earned a million.”

“I never gave up on having fun and making money”

In his active days as a professional, he won all 50 fights and was to some experts the best boxer of decades – but Mayweather really favored his reputation with off-base show fights. This time it will be between 50 and 60 million dollars. Prior to performing in Florida, he was last in the ring with Irish mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor nearly four years ago and prematurely defeated him by technical knockout according to boxing rules. “I quit boxing,” Mayweather said. “But I didn’t quit entertaining and making money.”

The number of people who purchased the pay-per-view access for $49.99 is not yet known. But if you take the millions of clicks on the videos beforehand as evidence, as well as the direct indications of such reputable media companies as ESPN, the Washington Post or the New York Times, it is clear that enough people are interested in Paul’s loud duel with Mayweather, who is now very much. “My goal is to be the greatest artist on the planet,” Paul said before the fight on ESPN. “And doing big fights and big performances as an independent fighter is a good way to get there.”

How much they both enjoyed their roles became apparent when they arrived in front of about 25,000 spectators at the stadium, according to the media. Paul chose a song from the musical “The Greatest Showman” with Zac Efron. Mayweather had rapper Moneybagg Yo as a personal artist.

fighting itself? Two hits on either side, Mayweather mostly awaits, pumping Paul really hard after three rounds. But he persevered, giving weak defense and a cheeky smile at times. His goal wasn’t to knock me out. His goal was to survive. That was a win for him, Mayweather said.

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