On the brink of elimination, Algeria did not want to recover from the shock of 1992 Senegal

Algeria must win against C டிte d’Ivoire near Douala (5pm) this Thursday to advance to the 16th round of CAN 2022. They have no choice but to avoid the partners of defending champion Riyad Mahrez. Exits the first round. Like their 1992 seniors …

Recent results have clarified the clear path for Algeria. And looks like a steep ridge, empty on both sides. The Fennecs have no right to stumble when it comes to their match against C டிte d’Ivoire near Douala (5pm) this Thursday. If they want to win the ticket for the 16th round of CAN 2022, they must win against the elephants who have already qualified.

A draw or defeat after the defeats to Sierra Leone (0-0) and Ecuador (1-0) would remove them from the tournament. Currently last in Group E, Djamel Belmadi’s players, who have not yet scored in Cameroon, have yet to make calculations. Declared the tournament’s most favorite, Riyadh Mahrez’s team holds the trophy to defend two and a half years after the coronation in Egypt. Their expulsion from the group stage would be like an earthquake in the east of the Maghreb. Renewing the painful memory of the 1992 winter.

Crossed the Ivory Coast

In January of that year, the Algerians were crowned with their first CAN in Senegal, winning at home two years ago. Very total happiness. Phoenix are the heroes of the green and white people. Half of the 1990 captains were identified as captain Rafa Madzer, but also with goalkeeper Under Osmani, defender Ali Benhalima, midfielders Tahar Serif-El Owazani and Moussa Saif or striker Digmel Menad. The rest of the staff has been updated with more unknown faces. Without Serif Otjani (1-0) in the final against Nigeria on July 5, 1962 at the stadium in Algiers.

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The glamorous Abdelhamid Kermali is still on the bench and everyone is watching his ability to reach the Algerian doubles. For the first time, CAN was divided into 12 teams (compared to the previous eight teams) into four groups of three. But things did not go as planned in Zinguichor, where the Fennecs have set up their headquarters in the southwest of the country. In the suit of the Cosmens, the reigning champions were slapped by C டிte d’Ivoire for entering the run in Group C ‘. Abdullaye recovered from Trey and forgot in the distant post (14th), after a long touch Yusuf Fobana’s strike area (25th) and Joel Daihi’s 89th line-up cooled Raba Madjar’s allies.

Their last chicken

The defeat continues from the start of the second match against Congo, still at the Aline Sitoe Diatta Stadium. The Algerians picked themselves up on a new (very) long touch, exploited by Pierre Dichibota (6th). Nacer Bouiche, passed by Paris FC and Red Star, was able to equalize shortly before the break (44th). But the game ended 1-1. Cote d’Ivoire (who beat Ghana in the final to win the match) and the score that holds the Phoenix last in their group, behind the Congo. Eliminate, bewilderment and shot. In the next few hours at Jaboma Stadium a play that hopes an entire population will never live again …


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