Daft Punk celebrates the 25th anniversary of their debut album with a re-release and a concert at Twitch

Daft Punk announced on Tuesday the re-release of their debut album “Homework” which was released 25 years ago. A year after the split, the two streamed a former concert on Twitch.

The announcement took everyone by surprise. After the Daft Punk accounts appeared on social media on Tuesday, fans began to ask questions. Finally, the answer came on Tuesday, February 2, 2022 at 11:22 pm (10:22 pm GMT): According to reports VarietyThe band will release a reissue of their debut album, home work. The disc celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

The announcement, which comes a year after Daft officially split from the role, came as a small gift to fans. A concert recorded in 1997 in Los Angeles was broadcast live On their twitch channel. Up to 170,000 people were connected to attend at one time.

A remix disc

According to VarietySpecial editionhome work Includes original album and multi-hit remix disc. It should go on sale in April. Vinyl versionshome work And d ‘Alive 1997 Will be on sale again from April 15th Variety.

Thomas Bangler and Guy-Manuel de Home-Cristo broke up last year by posting a simple video on social media. According to information received by BFMTV at this time, who is the first quote in the origin of the conclusion. The release of this special box may, perhaps, bring a smile to fans who have not yet recovered from the split.

Since then, Thomas Bangler has not been idle. He actually worked on the creation of a ballet, which will be performed next July at the Grand-Theater in Bordeaux. According to the Bordeaux opera, he composed music for mythologies for a work that began almost 4 years ago.

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