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Have you ever wondered why asparagus gives urine a foul odor? This vegetable is an all-encompassing genus 150 species different and have been cultivated for at least two million years. However, the unpleasant consequence lies in the moment you go to the bathroom after eating it. pre-existing 1731 This result has been reported by John Arbuthnot In his book on folk medicine. The doctor had explained from inside his office: “Asparagus […] They change urine with a foul odor (especially if it is collected still white) and thus some doctors suspect that it does not benefit the kidneys.”

After a few years, in 1781 Benjamin Franklin He had declared, “Eating a few stalks of asparagus will give our urine a foul odor.” but it’s only in 1981 With ninky m. That the urine of a group of people who ate nearly two kilograms of asparagus will be distilled. What appears is that the inside has been found methyl mercaptan, a strong-smelling organic compound now added to city gas to detect any leaks. Over the years, more studies have been done but no mercaptan has been found in excessive amounts to be considered responsible for the smell.

In a research conducted in 1891, two compounds containing . were found matchsticks who produces it. However, the substances listed so far have been debunked over the years because they are not present in asparagus. Therefore, the molecules of this odor-causing vegetable remain unknown. Recently, with the exception of asparagine and aspartic acid, which are also found in plants other than asparagus, the acid has been considered responsible asparagus, but without sufficient evidence. The final conclusion is that in the population there will be genetic polymorphism Which determines the organic metabolic process by which asparagus molecules are converted into odorous compounds that are excreted in the urine. However, not everyone perceives the smell the same way. Hence, opinions may differ in this regard.

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