Eight years after its creation in Geneva, the opera

After visiting the Wagnerian Theater with his stage show, playwright Olivier Py gave voice to one of his most emblematic heroes in a monodrama with a powerful script, set to the music of Michael Jarrell. It was he in 2013, with a festival director entirely dedicated to Wagner to celebrate the bicentenary of his birth, who commissioned Olivier Bey with this script for the event. established in Geneva, Siegfried, soft music It has not been reassembled since.

Eight years later, Nantes Angers Opera andThe National Orchestra of the Pays de la Loire They chose this opera to launch their new season. Above all, they asked Olivier B to ensure that the tournament kicks off in turn: “We find exactly the building of an opera, with a ballet part, with a choir and a central figure, a baritone. (Otto Katzmir – NDLR), which is surprising, in general, the role of Siegfried is played by the tenor. But Siegfried is exhausted as he crossed, and so he also descended into his domain.”

Darkness and tyranny

Where are we and this rickety figure emerging from the ruins of what was once a great city, devastated and now fallen? The man who sings, remembers, worries and grieves, he is Siegfried, Wagnery’s supreme hero, grieving for his fate, and especially for his country, his culture, and his people.‘,” he wrote in a note presented by Angers Director Nantes Opéra Alain Surrans.

In his text, Olivier Bey, who admits that he has been obsessed for decades with these questions about Nazi Germany and Nazi Germany’s relationship to culture, questions the birth of a fascist regime:How is nationalism invented, and how does hate replace all other rhetoric? I think we are right to ask the question, to ask it today when nationalism and populism play a very worrying role in Europe.

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Siegfried, soft music by Olivier B and Michael Jarrell

Sunday October 17 at 4 pm, Tuesday 19 and Thursday 21 at 8 pm – Teter Graslin, 1 place Graslin 44,000 Nantes.

Tuesday 9 November at 8 pm – Grand Théâtre, 1 place du Ralliement 49100 Angers.

Information and reservations on the site Angers Nantes Opera.


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