United States of America, aircraft carrier deployed in the China Sea.  The move that shakes Asia

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan arrived in the southeastern port city of Busan late Thursday for a five-day visit after trilateral naval exercises between the United States, South Korea and Japan. Now, the USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group (CVN-76) is crossing the South China Sea, a region where some of the world’s strongest tensions are concentrated. As El Giornale reported, the latest satellite images in circulation showed the giant of the seas about forty nautical miles southwest of the Scarborough Shoal, between the Macclesfield Bank and the Luzon in the South China Sea, in fact, in part of the sea. It is claimed by the Philippines and China. Beijing is currently silently controlling the passage of Washington’s aircraft carrier.

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Japanese frigate Noshiro Commander Masafumi Watanabe said: “We will continue to cooperate vigorously with the US Navy, while maintaining our position to respond to any emergency at any time, in order to contribute to regional peace and stability.” How important is the strategic rapprochement between Washington, Tokyo, and Seoul to contain China in the Indo-Pacific region? Also, the decision to deploy this warship, according to what we learned from American sources, was dictated by the fear that the attention Washington pays to the conflict in the Middle East, which broke out between Israel and Hamas, would lead to a decision to deploy this warship. Abandoning the security grip on Korea and other Asian partners.


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