The transformation of the Polish government against Russia-
to Giuseppe Sarsena is our Washington correspondent

Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslav Kaczynski: “If the United States asks, we will. The hypothesis has not been discussed, but things can change.” The United States is thinking of strengthening the eastern front of NATO

Poland «Ready to host US nuclear weaponsThis was announced by Jaroslav Kaczynski, 75, a key figure in the country, head of the ruling Law and Justice party and deputy prime minister of the executive branch headed by Mateusz Morawiecki. Kaczynski gave an interview to the German newspaper Welt am Sontag Which will lead to a discussion of this sentence above all: “If the Americans ask us to put their nuclear weapons on our soil, we are ready to do so. It would be a move that would significantly enhance deterrence against Russia.”

The deputy prime minister specified that the idea was “not discussed” with Washington or NATO. But he added, The scenario may change soon.. It would be a radical change in the geographic-military balance of Europe. But in the American capital, this hypothesis was never discussed. However, a different rhetoric applies to Kaczynski’s other proposal: significantly increase the number of US forces deployed on the eastern side of NATO.. There are now about 100,000 American soldiers on the Old Continent. approximately 20,000 scattered along the eastern border; 10 thousand in Poland. The Law and Justice founder is asking the Biden administration to send another 50,000 units, totaling 150,000. a third of these, 50,000, must take positions in Poland; Another 25,000 are in the Baltic states.

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Now, the numbers are probably exaggerated. But there is no doubt that the Pentagon and the NATO leadership are thinking of strengthening more Eastern Front. At the Extraordinary NATO Summit held in Brussels on March 24, all partners agreed to gradually shift the military center of gravity towards the east. Among the champions of the summit was the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, Kaczynski’s party companion. Warsaw has been pushing for more support for the Ukrainian resistance led by Volodymyr Zelensky for weeks now. Duda had suggested sending a clearer signal to Vladimir Putin, referring to a possible NATO intervention in the event the Russians resort to chemical weapons. Kaczynski takes this lead, urging NATO to “finally supply Zelensky with the weapons he has been ordering for some time.” At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister called on Western partners “to take part in a mission to Ukraine to maintain peace.”

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