¿Qué fue de Juan Pablo ‘Loquito’ García? De jugar en selección a caer en los excesos

Juan Pablo “Luquito” Garcia He was one of the players who took a promising step in Mexican football. The attacker came out of a quarry atlaslived such high peaks in his career, that he was called to Mexican national team to 2004 Athens Olympics and the 2005 Gold Cup. However, his career turned 180 degrees, and the skilled player came to be Alcoholism problems, in addition to bankruptcy.

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During an interview with TV Azteca Jalisco, “Lokito” Garcia He was honest and recounted how he went from being on the field to losing all his wealth and possessions and having to turn to alcohol.

The former player said to Atlas, Chivas USA, Tigers, Jaguar, Veracruz, Pueblaamong other things.

Earth lost

John Paul Garcia He emphasized that when he was living the best moment of his career, he did not know how to deal with the media situation. For this reason, before “Lost the floor.”

When you are a soccer player, you are ungrateful. You are in a bubble of vanity and honor. When life brings you down and you arrive with such (builders), who are human beings, they make you see wonderful things. You understand that they are good and hard working people.”

When you give life “Lokito” Garcia He was mired in excesses, and a call from his wife helped him get back on track.

“I got to the point where my wife told me:“If you’re going to continue like this, it has been there.” This is where the twenty fell on me And I found another punishment, another injury and I had to work on it Alcoholics Anonymous”.

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there was 2014 When the striker from Jalisco left the field. It was his last team merida deer From League MX Expansion.


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