Matt Hancock, the British Minister of Health, with his girlfriend Gina Coladangelo-

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LONDON – British Health Minister caught red-handed with his girlfriend: this morning Sun post pictures Matt HancockAnd the The man who dealt with the epidemic in BritainWhile holding and accepting his closest advisors, especially in the offices of the Ministry. The 42-year-old minister is married, as is his advisor, the 43-year-old millionaire Gina ColadangeloIt is a scandal that will likely cost Hancock his seat but threatens to destabilize the entire Boris Johnson government.

The pictures are unmistakable And they were filmed with CCTV cameras: the minister was seen in his office checking the corridor outside before closing the door; Then Jenna arrives and the two drift off into a passionate embrace. to me SunThe relationship between the two was known to everyone in the ministry and was also commented on in conversations on WhatsApp. Gina Coladangelo is a mother of three and is Director of Communications at Oliver Bonas, the fashion brand founded by her husband Oliver Tress, as well as director of lobbying agency Luther Pendragon: Hancock, whom she had known for days at Oxford, recently appointed as a consultant at the Department of Health. But there are many mistakes attributed to Hancock for managing the early stages of the pandemic: from the decision to move elderly people from hospitals to nursing homes to the chaos of the tracking system to waste in purchasing protective equipment for health care staff.

However Boris Johnson He has always defended him, though former senior chancellor Dominic Cummings has revealed that the prime minister secretly called the minister a “denier damned” (and even the Queen called Hancock a “poor man”). It remains to be seen who the “little hand” sent the erotic images to the sun: but the fact is that recently Cummings, the ousted former “Rasputin” from Downing Street who swore revenge, took a cannon. Hancock in every way. There are those who believe that shooting the Minister of Health is just a tactic to destabilize the entire government and target Boris himself. What seems at first glance a “pink” scandal actually opens a very sensitive game in London.

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