Quentin Pacher tout sourire à Brest, avant le départ du Tour de France, samedi.

The Tour de France 2021, which Departing from Brest this Saturday, For the first 100% finisher level, this will take the runners to Landerno. A Grande bike, in which we can see a little Giron. With a line coming to Liborn on July 16th, the course, which will stop in our field for the first time since 2010, will be followed by a Liborn – Saint-Emilian time trial the next day, before arrival. Later, Gironde is also referred to as Bolotan, with Born in Liforne, Quentin Becher was selected by the P&P Hotel P / P KTM team. Interview.

This is your second Tour de France this year, will we approach it differently from the first?

Yes and no. On the one hand, it is true that it was made in the first place, and therefore necessary Promises for some features, In racing, at his own level, regarding the ability to compete at a high level for three weeks. Is at the same time Always this little stress Of the competition. Find out if we are in our best position, can overcome differences and give everything, and achieve good results.

Was there any relief to see his name on this week’s selected riders list?

I assume nothing was written in advance. You need to earn your place on the team and show that you have the status when you need it. So frankly, when the list came out, it was a huge relief. This is a first step, but it is not a decision. The most important thing is to be efficient On the tour, even if the first step at the beginning.

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This will be Quentin Beacher’s second tour after 2020, where he will take part in the finals at La Blanche-des-Bellas-Fils. © Maxppp

Plus, from Tour Prest, starting with a Breton team … is it party time?

This is for sure. The team is based in Brittany, near the Performance Center Vance, We are 100% Britons. It’s a special feeling, it’s happening a year earlier than expected. We have a lot of Britons on the team and they know these ways by heart. Then, It is on tour. No matter where it comes from, it’s an exceptional feeling.

What role are you going to play in this team?

I think it will be a little bit like last year. Both leaders are Brian [Coquard] And Bear [Rolland]. I want to The role of free electrons and the possibility of escape in mountainous phases, Even in the mountains, to see what can be done. The rest of the time, I’ll be with those racers.

Are there any steps you specifically selected?

Yes, there are stages I recognize, I think, but I want to keep them to myself (laughs). Then Most of the racing in the Pyrenees. This is my favorite, One that is very close to me, these are stages that I almost knew by heart. So, frankly, these are the stages that I am most interested in shining.

Quentin Beacher was involved in several attacks on the 2020 tour, here on the way to Willard-de-Lance, where he finished ninth in the 16th round.  © AFP - Marco Pertorello
Quentin Beacher was involved in several attacks on the 2020 tour, here on the way to Willard-de-Lance, where he finished ninth in the 16th round. © AFP – Marco Pertorello © AFP
Marco Pertorello

Several times last year, you were in the right category, three times in the top 10 … To win a stage at the Tour de France, did you learn from those experiences?

Already by itself, When you are in the right category, one day when you leave, it is the first success. Because these are not easy divisions, there is a lot of movement at the start of the race. You have to be careful and smell the right one, especially if you can get there, because often, it comes out on the bike in trouble.

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After that, there is no miracle recipe, but there are always racial situations, i.e. depending on the leader, depending on the team with the yellow jersey … we can feel things are going right. The next day or two, and check the steps. But still This is done a bit day by day.

Winning a stage, will that be your goal?

Yes, yes, of course. Even for the team, this is the ultimate goal of this tour. After the first round we were placed, we did not see this last milestone. Last year, we grabbed the top 10, except for the top 10. Maybe this year, we won’t make the top 10 spots, but we will win.

After this successful tour, who is the choice for the French team for the World Championship?

I do not, it’s not really a question I ask. I, the only thing I want, is to ride the bike, move forward, achieve results. Then, I am given responsibilities through my performance. That’s the main thing, I believe. This is not something I am going to ask for, but since it is here now, I will take advantage of it.

With this little carrot, in addition to the end of the tour in Liporn and Saint-Emilion?

Absolutely, I would be happy to travel on the roads I know. Then, it will be Courses less favorable to my qualities, So I have no personal intentions other than to help the team on the podium coming to Liborn. Finally, after the test, the game will not be intended, but it will be A pleasure to spend on the roads I have known since childhood, I hope.

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