Putin, the secret plan to undo the sanctions.  Yale University Professor: He wants a global famine

twenty tons of wheat I stopped in the port of Odessa, which was blocked by the Russians. behind is a plan put it in To force the West to withdraw sanctions against Russia. How? By causing widespread food shortages throughout the world and pressing Europe with an unprecedented wave of migration. This is the hypothesis supported by historian Timothy Snyder, a professor at Yale University.

Putin wants to unleash a global famine

Snyder highlights Consequences that the embargo on grain Ukrainian It can be at the European and global level. Ukraine is one of the major producers of wheat, mainly the importing countries in the Middle East and Asia. In these countries, the blockade of supplies from Kyiv could cause a real blockade Food shortages have major impacts on the population: “When the food riots start, and as hunger spreads, Russian propaganda will blame Ukraine and demand recognition of Russia’s territorial conquests in Ukraine and the lifting of all sanctions,” Snyder says.

Negotiating with the United Nations

The The United Nations is negotiating with Russia To allow the export of Ukrainian grain supplies currently prohibited at the ports. The loss of exports from the country has already increased food shortages in some regions of the world. However, the The United States is skeptical About Russia’s intentions in the negotiations, also because Moscow has repeatedly targeted and destroyed food supplies. “It’s hard to see Russian offers in good faith, given how actively and deliberately destroying food products in Ukraine is exacerbating global food insecurity,” a US official told Politico last week. In short, Putin appears determined to continue his plan.


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