Renoys Stadium.  Martin Terrier after the win at Arnhem:

State Renault was hot, But won at Europa League Conference Thursday night in Arnhem (1-2). A win that allowed Rennes to settle for second place in Group G, combined with points for Tottenham.

Martin Terrier analyzes performance after this match.

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For two and a half matches, we saw a new, more aggressive Martin. Is this your feeling?

Yes. I had a slightly dull start to the season, so to speak. I feel better and better, the game system fits me exactly. I try to play with my teammates, be more in the box and pay more attention to my races. I think that shows.

Could this kind of insane competition be a founding side for your team?

Absolutely, we show unity, even ten against eleven, we saw everyone torn. Although Alfred (Gomez) had a great start to the season, I would like to congratulate him on being the most valuable in this tournament. I think newcomers have done a lot of good for us too. We all went out together and it was important to come up with three points. The goal has been achieved.

What activity did you come up with in the break after the first act of the complex?

Even when you are an alternative, you have a special role to play because you can observe the game in a different way. We are outside, we can analyze the opponent. I saw some defensive gaps on the side of our opponents. In the meantime, I felt like there was no depth and no movement in our exchanges. The coach also mentioned this in his speech. We tried to put it in that place and for my part, I think I brought this dynamic with Kamaldeen (Suleiman).

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Did you talk to Loom Chouna, who is celebrating his first term?

We talked to him a lot before the match and everyone prepared him well for his first scene. He is someone who listens every day. He was very important for the defense by initially creating folds. And he is decisive in both goals. It has been a success in the first place, of which I am very pleased.


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