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Ѐ From the former Minister of Finance Rishi Sunak And the foreign minister Les Truss there Challenge for two to happen Boris Johnson How Conservative Party leader and future British Prime Minister. This came in the fifth and final vote held today among the majority party deputies, with former Defense Secretary Benny Mordaunt out and overtaken by Truss in second place behind the former Treasury Secretary who retained first place.

The results were communicated by the Chairman of the 1922 Committee, the Electoral College within the Conservative group in the House of Commons, Graham Brady: Sunak had 137 votes, Cos 113 and mordaunt 105. The head of the State Department passed only second place in the last and very narrow preliminary examination. A recent challenge between Tory’s two biggest players only confirms initial expectations that Sunak and Truss were the favorites in the race for leadership. Now space will be set aside for gatherings of suitors in front of party activists, then in the second half of August there will be a mail vote of nearly 160,000 members and then the final result on September 5, in the name of the new British prime minister.

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