Isabel was kicked out of everyone: another TV game she wanted to participate in

Thunderbolt’s Everyone wants to take its place After 109 wins, the champion saw Clare interrupt his journey this Sunday, March 6th. But the professor does not want to be in this surprising failure and hopes that nothing can be undone on another game show.

There were not many happy peasant women at the agricultural fair that closed its doors on Sunday, March 6th. On the same day, Claire, a nature farmer in St. Helena, broke the encyclopedic Isabelle from her champion chair. Everyone wants to take its place. The occupant of the seat, a professor from Perpignan, will return to his home from October 26. 104,900 euros in its kitty, Heartily thanked for its 109 victories. She actually surrendered against Clare, “A little tired” Instability by its unusual tendency and theme “Soups and shells”.

However, Lawrence Pocolini’s defender is far from spitting in the soup. “Leaving the team is so sad, it took me two or three days to tell myself it was all over, but The experience is so enriching that there is nothing to regretShe told us from our co-workers Tele-leisure. And if the 57-year-old Catalan wants to benefit from his success with his clan, he does not want to be satisfied with being a TV game champion.

Questions for a Champion, “On another level”

There are actually two hobbies in his view that are connected with public culture: The Champions Quiz With Cyril Féraud, he continues to train, but Questions for a champion. This is another level. Some people think that it is “easy” for everyone to want to take their place.. It’s not that hard, but I think the questions for a champion can be very difficult. But for now, I will enjoy my earnings and travel“, He says he wants to participate cleanly “Challenge”. His future opponents are already trembling.

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