Migrants, the judge saves the NGO.  But Mario Draghi has a plan against leaving from Libya - Il Tempo

The migrant case is one of the most pressing to deal with Mario Draghi, who has to face the decision of the Ragusa civil judge to raise the €300,000 fine and confiscate it from the German NGO ship Eleonor, Mission Lifeline. The Germans in 2019 imposed a ban on entering Italian waters in 2019 to disembark 101 migrants. In this way, the Taliban will be able to return hospitality. The news reported by the Journal does not change the plan of the Prime Minister who is trying to establish a common European front against the departures from the African coasts. Palazzo Chigi’s sources explain after the trip: “Italy and Spain will join forces at the gates of the next EU Council by sharing an urgent appeal for Europe to respond to the challenges of migration and balance the principles of humanity, solidarity and shared responsibility.” In the land of the Iberian prime minister.

Greece regularly rejects immigrants from Turkey. It adopted a register of NGOs with strict rules, under pain of ban. Highlights source working on the migration crisis. But now Draghi must have the support of France and Germany to turn things around: the Italian plan provides for a “new association agreement with Libya” that goes directly to the EU. Something similar to what happened in 2008 with the agreement between Silvio Berlusconi and Colonel Gaddafi. The European Border Control Agency also plans to spend 150 million euros to survey the coasts of North Africa with aircraft and drones. There will be economic and operational support for the Libyan Coast Guard.

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