Jubel bei den deutschen Spielern.

After the Olympic humiliation against Slovakia, the German national ice hockey team returned enthusiastically and celebrated their first victory in the World Cup against the bronze medalist. Three months after Beijing’s 0: 4 against Slovakia, national coach Tony Soderholm celebrated on Saturday 2: 1 (0: 0, 2: 1, 0: 0) against the Olympic bronze medalist in Helsinki. Matthias Plasta from Adler Mannheim with a strong solo effort (22nd minute) and Leo Fifoderl (27th) from Espரன்rn Berlin took the 2021 World Cup semi-finalists to the quarterfinals to win against their direct rival.


In Beijing, the bankruptcy against Slovakia was a disappointment and the 2018 silver winner returned before the first eight rounds. This time the Germans were only allowed to score with NHL goalkeeper Philip Gruba in the Christian Bosphorus (32nd). In the presence of 4387 spectators in the hall, which was almost half full, was the second and third resolution. With three points from the tough first weekend of the World Cup, they got off to a good starting point for decisive work towards progress.

France vs Outsiders on Monday (7:20 pm /Sport1 / Magentasport) A compelling win. In the beginning, national coach Tony Soderholm’s national team suffered a 3: 5 defeat against leading nation Canada.

The Soder Home team received self-criticism and encouragement from the first game against the record world champions. For the second World Cup appearance, former NHL professional Corbynian Holzer was looking forward to a game “on par”. Finally, Germany, ranked ninth in the world, finished eighth (Slovakia) and developed the expected balanced and competitive fight.

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Soderholm, whose mother declared herself a spectator in the back hall, decided against a goalkeeper change, which is not uncommon in ice hockey considering the close timing of the games. Again, NHL Goldtender Philip Grooper played from the Seattle Cracken and got some chances to excel.

Unlike against Canada, the Germans avoided going backwards this time. However, they did not use the manpower situation inadvertently created by the Slovaks in the first third and they did not use a power play in the second period, they had two more players in the snow. Minute.

The lead came from Plasta’s strong personal performance: the experienced player entered the attacking zone very fast and Buck pushed a Slovak into the goal. Although the interim two-goal lead was due to the involvement of two Berliners Marcel Nobles and Pfoderlin, things quickly got back to normal: Grobour overcame first, but then let him pass on to Bospisil, who came behind the goal.

At the end of the second and third, the Germans came under pressure – but withstood it, overcoming a 3: 5 deficit at the start of the final division. With determination, the Olympics brought success to the tenth season.


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