Investigation of those responsible [de cet assaut] Is on a scale and develops at unprecedented speeds, perfectJohn Carlin said Friday. Those responsible must be held accountable and they will be held accountable, He added.

According to Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Bitman, law enforcement estimates that the number of protesters who entered the Capitol perimeter on January 6 was 10,000 and the number of people who stormed the building.

Yogananda Bidman also said on Thursday that he was concerned that extremists wanted to detonate the Capitol during President Joe Biden ‘s forthcoming address to both houses of Congress.

We know that the militant members who appeared on January 6 expressed their desire to blow up the Capitol and kill several elected officials in direct contact. [l’allocution sur] Union State.

Acting Capital Police Chief Yogananda Pitman

Ms. Pitman thus warned that the enhanced security measures placed on the Capitol from early January would be extended for some time. They are not currently planned to be permanent.

On Friday, a senior Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) official told reporters that federal police officers Keep a very close eye The people who carried out the attack and Any reaction will indicate the purpose of the attack.

Under this framework, U.S. extremists have been a growing concern within the FBI for years. However, he believes that the year 2020 in particular has brought them to light, as well as the violent incidents that took place last year nothing [le FBI] Seen for decades.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a congressional meeting to confirm the college’s vote in favor of Joe Biden’s presidency.

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