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Once again, Germany dwarfs Ukraine. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius ruled out the possibility of supplying combat aircraft to Kiev. Berlin could provide Ukrainian pilots with planes that they might be able to use quickly, Pistorius said at the meeting of the contact group on Ukraine at the US air base Ramstein. “It’s not like exchanging a rental car for another,” the German defense minister added, referring to the differences between the two countries’ fighters, given that the German Tornado and Eurofighter have different capabilities than those needed by Ukraine. Therefore, the minister called on countries that possess suitable fighter models to supply them to Kiev.

Among them is Slovakia, which in recent days has completed the transfer of 13 MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine announced in March. Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad wrote on Facebook that the transfer of the last 9 aircraft “was carried out by road to maintain the highest levels of security,” adding, “Many thanks to all the forces involved in this important and demanding logistical operation. MiG-29s will provide support,” Nad said. Ukraine in its defense against Russian military aggression.

So the Russians and Americans are spying on us with antennas, so what do we know about Sigint

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