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Berlin. Friendship and love, school and work, anger and conspiracy – what is life like in the capital? The realistic soap “Berlin – Day and Night” (“BTN”) focuses on the daily lives of many young residents of the capital. From the start: “Papa” Joe Möller, who became dear to “BTN” fans as the “Father of WG”. Especially since Joe’s relationship with Peggy makes the audience rejoice.

New episode “Berlin – Day & Night” airs on weekdays at 7:05 PM on RTL 2. What happens in the following episodes and where do they recur?

“Berlin – day and night”: this is how things go

Beware spoilers! If you don’t want to know what’s going to happen in the upcoming episodes of ‘Berlin – Day and Night’, stop reading here. Previewing text and images comes from RTL 2.

“Berlin – Day and Night” on Tuesday August 3, 2021: Episode 2498

In the morning, Joe immediately arranges everything for a divorce from Peggy. But right after that, Paula receives a visit from Theo in Die Schnitt. He learns about the wedding plans and tries to unsettle Paula. It is claimed that she should only be the second choice for Joe. Shortly thereafter, Theo Gu also visited. And here, too, Theo strikes again: Joe claims he never loved Peggy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t marry Paula now. Apparently cool, Joe let that bounce off him. However, Paula was heard making these allegations. She fears Theo will want to spoil their wedding. Joe now makes a quick decision: he now wants to confirm the short-term appointment proposed by the registry, which he previously refused. This way he wants to surprise Paula. Indeed: the surprise works. Paula and Joe can barely wait to say ‘I do’ soon…

Theo goes above and beyond at Joe and Paula’s wedding. It creates a lot of uncertainty in both. But then Joe pushed the pace and surprised Paula with a new appointment at the registry office. © Source: RTLZWEI / Filmpool

“Berlin – Day and Night” on Wednesday August 4, 2021: Episode 2499

Ole and Andrei decided to deviate from Peet’s dramatic script during a radio interview. But their plan to focus on highly professional musicians fails when Pete engages the two in a live argument on air. However, he also pulls Mandy and Joey and goes too far. Ole and André are tired of it: They shoot Piet and break up the duo. However, due to the sloppy interview, Ole still gets heavily criticized by Mandy, who was involuntarily involved in the quarrels. To get out of the number, he tells her that Piet was fired because of this. From now on, he wants to continue with Andrei alone. In fact, he managed – at least superficially – to calm Mandy again…

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Andrei and Olly are trying to perform as competent musicians in a radio interview. But her manager Piet lured her into the trap and sparked controversy in the middle of the live broadcast, with Mandy also coming into the line of fire… © Source: RTLZWEI / Filmpool

“Berlin – Day and Night” Thursday, August 5, 2021: Episode 2500

After Olly and Andre threw the pieces yesterday, Pete tried to convince the two to work together again. But Ole at first firmly rejects it and wants to do it himself. However, while Olly soon realizes his solo plans are a dead end, Peet has more luck with debt-burdened Andre. André finally managed to change Ole’s mind and the two crawled to the cross with Piet. Mandy is initially terrified when she finds out, but presumably Ollie can catch her. Shortly thereafter, Olly is humiliated again by Pete during filming – and Mandy has to admit regret that her boyfriend is slowly getting embarrassed…

Basti (Martin Wernick), Ole (Falko Auchsenknecht), Paola (Laura Mack), Joe (Lutz Schwegel) © Source: RTLZWEI / Photo: Magdalena Posser

“Berlin – Day and Night” on Friday, August 6, 2021: Episode 2501

Miguel’s plan works: After intentionally ignoring Olivia yesterday, he now manages to lure her into a Brazilian bar under the pretext. There he locks her up without further ado and lets her insults roll, because he knows: Olivia actually thinks such acts are wonderful! Indeed, Olivia quickly calms down, celebrates and dances with Miguel. And though he scolds him at the end of the day when he wants to invite her to dinner, Miguel knows for sure: he made a good impression on Olivia with his attack. His plan to be a part of her life again and win it over at some point doesn’t seem unrealistic…

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Olivia took a bite, so Miguel kept cheating on her. The two celebrate together in a Brazilian bar. Even if a romantic date did not work out, the procedure was. Is anything more possible with Miguel and Olivia? © Source: RTLZWEI / Filmpool

“Berlin – Day and Night” on Monday August 9, 2021: Episode 2502

Joe and Paula are looking forward to their upcoming wedding. Joe thinks he should give Paula a real dream wedding where money isn’t an issue. On the other hand, you want a small but more intimate celebration. When Joe tries to pin him down and kidnaps Paula for a tour of a luxurious wedding site, they are both happy to realize that they basically want the same thing. However, they make fun of being fed champagne and showing up around the corner. But then they slowly let the desperate owner understand that they do not need luxury, only for themselves and their friends in order to celebrate a beautiful wedding. In love, Joe and Paula finally come home and once again feel assured that they are made for each other…

Paula and Joe are in the middle of preparing for their wedding. He made it his head to offer his bride a fancy fancy wedding. When visiting a site, Joe realizes that this does not suit Paula at all. © Source: RTLZWEI / Filmpool

Did you miss the current episode of BTN?

On TV now The latest episode of “Berlin – Day and Night” is available for free for up to four weeks after it airs. Future and older episodes are only available to premium subscribers. TV Now’s premium account currently costs €4.99 per month.

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What is the theme of “Berlin – day and night”?

“Berlin – Day and Night” (“BTN”) follows the events of several condominiums in different locations in Berlin. The plot focuses on several characters that are usually occupied by amateur actors. The main locations for Daily Soap, filmed in reportage style, are the main communal apartments around master tenant Joe Muller, where seven people live, as well as the characters’ other communal apartments and workplaces.

Both the plot and the characters are fictional. Uneasy camera action, a partially improvised script, and the use of voiceovers in which characters describe their emotional state are meant to heighten the impression of reality.

Where was the movie “Berlin – Day & Night” filmed?

Written reality series sites are also supposed to achieve a “midlife” effect. Rather than set in a production studio, the locations are real locations, mostly in the Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district. There are real addresses in Berlin for many locations, such as shared apartments, clubs or Schnitte hair salon. Additionally, locations such as Mercedes-Benz-Arena Berlin or S-Bahn and U-Bahn station Warschauer Straße serve as frequent cinema locations.

Who are the actors playing in “Berlin – Day and Night”?

During the nearly ten years of existence of “Berlin – Day and Night”, more than 70 actors embodied the main characters of the daily series. There are also more than 200 supporting actors, some of whom can be seen in only a few episodes, but are occasionally recurring in later episodes.

The majority of the cast are amateur actors who also work in other formats for the production company responsible for the series, Paul Film and Television Production.

Here is an overview of the current main characters and their representatives:

the shape the actor Sharing since then
Joe Muller Lutz Schwegel 2011
Carsten “Scabies” Ratz Marcel Maurice New 2011
Florian Schmidt Schmidt Alexander’s friend 2011
Peggy Muller Catherine Hamann 2011
Sebastian “Basti” this year Martin Wernick 2011
Mila Hoffman Lisa Washik 2013
Paula Habesh Laura Mac 2014
Emilia “Amy” Schwanitz Dennis Duck 2014
Richard “Rick” Minning Manuel Deniger 2014
Janis Habic Benjamin Mittelstadt 2016
Mandy Hoyer Laura Folky 2017
Kim Terenzi Natalie Bleacher Wooth 2017
Nick Baker Tim Rush 2017
Conor Basic Jacob Green 2019
Jade Hammer Laura Vetter 2019
Antonia “Tony” Brandt Katrina Cook 2019
Alive livia michael 2019
Mike Riddle Philip Nikolic 2019
Olivia Alves Jessica Solikowski 2019
Leave Dean Barthez Adonis Jovanovic 2019
Lukasz “Luke” Bartosz Andrejjak 2019
religious jorn lemann 2019
Lily Martens Amanda Bella Sis 2020
Henry Ritter sunny rose 2020
larra Julia Marie Boom 2020


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