Christian Nodal and Caso were caught kissing before a concert in Bolivia - El Financiero

For a few weeks there was talk of it Christian Nodal y Katsu They could maintain a romantic relationship after they were seen holding hands on the streets of Guatemala and the Mexican regional singer accompanied the rapper to her Primavera Sound concert.

However, the possibility diminished after the Argentine singer announced in an interview that she would rather write about love than live it, ruling out any courtship. Now, the rumors have revived thanks to the video that They both leave kissing during an event in Bolivia.

Kazuo and Christian Nodal kiss

A video has been shared across social networks of Nodal and Cazzu walking side by side towards the stage in what appears to be behind the scenes for the event – which was later canceled due to breach of contract -.

Before goodbye, the love singer headed upstairs to attend his concert, He kissed the 28-year-old rapper, who then went up a few steps and gave Sinaloan another kiss.; He then takes the microphone for his presentation, at which point the 27-second video is cut short.

Until now, Neither of them made a statement on the matter.Therefore, it was not possible to confirm the existence of a love affair between the two artists. However, followers of Nodal and Cazzu on social networks expand the conversation and draw their own conclusions.

While some take the alleged courtship for granted and assert that the Mexican and Argentine will keep it private, others say that this relationship “doesn’t fit” the young woman because Nodal recently ended up with her ex-partner Belinda, and thus, “he doesn’t know how to be alone” and the others are happy because they both He found love again.

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