Moni Ovadia Suspicion of Controcorrente - Il Tempo

Changing your mind is one thing, giving up your principles is another. The split within the 5 Star Movement has caused a political earthquake and its repercussions are discussed on Wednesday, June 22nd in Controcorrente, the program conducted by Veronica Gentili on Rete 4. Actor and playwright Moni Ovadia is invited to comment on the move by Luigi Di Maio, who founded independent groups in the Chamber and Council The elders.

“I’m old enough to know the likes of humans – as Ovadia said – many of them are born arsonists and end up as firefighters. That’s like Luigi Di Maio.” There is a difference though. He argues that “changing thoughts is a sign of intelligence” and the ability to think about mistakes. “Changing principles is another thing. A man who changes principles must retire to private life and stay out of sight—it is the impulse of an actor—rather when one changes principles at once and is already ready again to throw myself into it on the political arena, that thing It makes me skeptical. But he is a model for humans,” concludes Ovadia.

Doubts and doubts about Dimayan’s secession have spread since the beginning of the parliamentary scouting for the Foreign Minister, with many observers seeing the process linked to the need to bypass the five-star movement’s dual mandate constraint and try to secure it. place in Parliament.

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