5 Easy Ideas to Sparkle This Halloween Without Following the Trend of

As Halloween approaches, many are thinking about how to dress up on one of the most popular nights. Here we leave 5 ideas to encourage you to dress differently from some of the red guards with squares, circles or triangles in their masks.

This weekend, Halloween will be celebrated, a celebration that although it did not exist two decades ago in Chile, today is It is an unmissable event not only for the young ones, but also for the elderly at home.

However, there is always an existential question in the run-up to Halloween: What do I disguise as a photo?

These days where squid game It has taken over social networks, and many already know it They will take the red clothes They used to be one of the thieves Stealing money And change Dali’s masks to a circle, square, or triangle mask.

About this fantasy, thoughts like The scary doll from the first episode is in an orange dress and yellow shirt Or, to be simpler, one of the contestants dressed up as that green diver.

In any case, there are other ideas with which we can disguise ourselves in the form of other series and films. Without spending too much on the budget.

Ideas to wear this Halloween:

The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (Wandavision)

Disney +

Following the suggestion made by the same characters in the series WandavisionThe Scarlet Witch costume is such a simple thing to be created these days.

It just takes Red bathing suit, pink socks and cape. The headband can be created from red cards and cardboard.

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On the other hand, a Quicksilver suit can be made of blue jeans, a blue long-sleeved shirt, and a short-sleeved shirt. To the latter, a ray is drawn diagonally.

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The crossbar can be created with paint and in case you don’t want to damage the garment, Tape and cards can be used.

Juice (Sweet Tooth)

Sweet Tooth's protagonist is also a Halloween option

Little Gus is a half-human, half-deer boy who decides to go on an adventure to discover his origin at the hands of Jeppers, a homeless man who lives a secluded life.

Gus usually wears a red plaid shirt, white shirt, and blue jeans. Blades can be made with branches tree and headband.

Other deer lovers make their own horns out of wire, paper, and paint, which can be modified to suit the character.

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The Villagers and the Queen of May (Midsmar)

The simple choice would be the people of Midsmar Village

The horror film Midsommar follows a group of friends who come to Sweden to see a summer event that takes place every 90 years. However, every activity shows the villagers as annoying and terrifying people.

Every member of the community They usually wear all-white clothes. However, it is the Queen of May who can steal eyes on Halloween, wearing a white dress and Lots of flowers on the chest and head.

In social networks, they teach how to create a flower crown for the May Queen.

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♬ Midsummer Lessons – Siria Pufi

Loki on TVA and Chief Loki (Loki)

Loki used different entertainment techniques in his series
Disney +

Another series that stole the hearts of fans this year is Loki, which was shown in various ways to imitate it.

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However, the simplest that can be recreated is Chief Loki, wearing a suit, green tie, and crown of horns. On Tiktok, many fans know how to create these horns With a little paint, aluminum foil and patience.

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It might also be an option the moment Loki worked alongside TVA, wearing brown pants, a tie of the same color, a white shirt and a brown jacket with the TVA symbol and the word alternative At the back.

These details can be added to the suit with orange construction paper or paint of the same color.

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Chucky will be back in trend again with his new series
star +

The demon doll will make another appearance thanks to its series that premieres on October 27, just days before Halloween.

To embody the scary game, just use it Long denim planter and striped shirt. As for makeup, you can re-make cuts on the face and thus create a much greater effect.


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