The most famous version of Rubí is back on Televisa
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Successful release of ruby (2004) returned to stars In the family schedule after adjusting the series format in 2020 by dream factory NS Televisa. Series starring Barbara Morey Regarded by critics, fans, ratings and consumers of telenovela around the world best conditioning A novel by Yolanda Vargas Dolce.

The most famous “shameless” on Mexican TV It has a lot of history, strange facts, and great scandals, so we tell you about it here.

The original work was written by “The Queen of Comics” or also known as Yolanda Vargas Dolce V 1963 on the pages of the magazine Tears, laughter and love in . format cartoon. Although there is 2 Adaptations in soap opera, one in Movie and another in SeriesThe version you produced Jose Alberto Castro It is considered the best.

Barbara Morey as Ruby Photo: Televisa
Barbara Morey as Ruby Photo: Televisa

Bárbara Mori starred in the most famous – in every sense of the word – version of history. from the hand Eduardo SantamarinaAnd Sebastian RollyJacqueline Bracamontes, lead actress Anna Martin And Yadra Kario Wife of currently imprisoned for alleged organized crime Juan Collado, serial It achieved one of the largest ratings in the history of Televisa. What’s more It has been translated into more than 22 countries Put it as one One of the most profitable projects in the company’s history.

Characters like Marilyn Favela, Patti Manterola, and Monica Sanchez were personally tested on this novel Jacqueline Bracamontes -who played Maribel- or the former RBD Anahi. The main theme of the novel was implemented by Really Bird As a strange fact Mori participated in the official video of this courtship while watching the novel on TV..

Camila Sodi played Robbie in the photo series format: Las Estrellas
Camila Sodi played Robbie in the photo series format: Las Estrellas

last year 2020 Camila Soddy She played Rubí as part of a series of new editions of Televisa classics presented by Fábrica de Sueños – who is responsible for the new adaptations of rapistAnd cradle of wolves and so on and so on Rich people cry too-. The format chosen by the production company was Series of 27 chapters -Comparison of 115 versions of Mori- And the same actress will be responsible for giving voice to the main topic: Oddly enough, it will be the cover of who cares who – which Aunt Thalia also plays.

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This is the last adaptation Fans consider it the worst Because of the “high bar” left by Barbara. Although this version In the last chapter, she gave it one of the highest ratings Televisa has had since its crisis began..

Actress Fanny Kano was the first Ruby
Actress Fanny Kano was the first Ruby

The first modification was in a telenovela format in a . format 1968 NS Mexican Telesystem – Now known as Televisa-. First ruby History explains it fanny kano With Carlos Fernandez and Antonio Medellin. The story had 53 chapters that were half an hour long.

Iran Yuri in the 1970 movie, as "ruby"
Iran Yuri in the 1970 tape as “Ruby”

Ruby’s story Came to the cinema in 1970 Because Yolanda Vargas Dulché herself felt that the telenovela version was limited by the technical flaws that television had at the time. will be the protagonist Iran Yuri Which actress was of Spanish nationality. Because of her accent, actress Norma Lazarino provided her voice throughout the film..

¿Which came first: Teresa or Ruby? Theresa Angelique Boyer It arrived in 2010 -6 years after the release of Bárbara Mori- which is why audiences believe that Ruby arrived first. The truth is that Teresa was born first as a radio series under the name bitter fate And even long before Ruby in 1959. It had a TV adaptation long before Ruby. Although there are great similarities between the two stories, Ruby remains the most famous story thanks to its version that returned to Mexican television this year.

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