Phil Schiller announces Lamborghini

This is not trivial. phil chiler, Senior Vice President of Marketing d’An apple, is participating in a campaign to promote the ultra-luxury Countach from the manufacturer Lamborghini. The site alternates between some of Schiller’s general considerations regarding innovation, the need for design or reflections on what makes a product iconic, and sequences with raucous countach. This is how each Schiller little phrase appears as the Lamborghini brand logo: “The best way to invent the future is to invent it.” (quote from alanKey, editor’s note), We want to do things that change the world.And “The Countach is essentially a sports car, in its purest form possible”, or even “One of the design challenges is making iconic products that will last for decades.”

But by the way, does Phil Schiller really drive the Countach?

Schiller’s words are taken from an interview with Lamborghini representatives recorded as part of timeless innovation, a series focused on the Lamborghini Countach, and as the cult car celebrates its 50th anniversary. He will amusedly note that during this false true interview, Schiller admitted his favorite thermoelectric vehicle (the Countach obviously doesn’t run on battery) should Lamborghini launch its first electric car in 2025… at the same time as the Apple?

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