'I don't see that resemblance,' but 'she was the one who made me want to play'

Susan Lyndon, who will be releasing her first movie sixteen years old Tomorrow she will invoke her resemblance to another actress whose parents are famous… Charlotte Ginsburg!

Susan Lyndon She will make her film debut not only as an actress, but also as a director. On Wednesday, June 16, the daughter of Sandrine Kiberlin and Vincent Lyndon will present her first movie فيلم sixteen years old, relives the story of a teenage girl who falls in love with an older stage actor. Like many, the audience, who will discover her on the big screen, can see in her some physical resemblance, dress and even joint voice with another actress, her parents are also famous … Charlotte Gainsbourg!

She made me want to play

Release, whose portrait at the end of the diary is dedicated to Susan Lyndon, also mentioned with her this stylistic affinity with the daughter of Serge Ginsburg and Jane Birkin: “I don’t see the similarity‘Firstly, the director of Sixteen Spring reassured,’But she made my grandmother want to see me fronte When you are of personal age. She was overwhelmed by the discovery of a new actress. With Sandrine Bonner She made me want to play‘, even captivated by Susan Lyndon, thus showing all her admiration for Charlotte Ginsburg.

Sandrine Kiberlin and Vincent Lyndon were heavily influenced by the film

For this first film, Susan Lyndon was very careful not to experience the cinematic influence of her parents: “I didn’t want to give their opinion and they took it well, because they knew I needed to free myself from themShe explained in front of the RTL microphone, yesterday, before revealing the reaction of Sandrine Kieberlin and Vincent Lyndon when they discovered her on the screen:My mother had seen it before, and I was very moved (…) My father watched the movie and discovered a side of it that I hadn’t seen before. He left the room crying. But I’ve never seen anything like this before. And I think we found ourselves in front of the movie. And I think it made him a little weird and kinda dizzy‘, revealed.

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