Kathy Hummels posted a clear statement after the Mats drama -

Kathy Hummels challenges the rumors surrounding her and Bates.Photo: screenshot / Instagram @cathyhummels

Kathy and Mats Hummels have dominated the headlines the past few days. The motif was a photo that former “GNTM” winner Celine Bethmann posted on her Instagram profile. In her dinner shot, she surprisingly tagged Mats Hummels and wrote: “Dinner date.” She later also posted a chat log that apparently showed a private conversation with BVB Kicker, indicating that he was single.

In an interview with RTL, Celine also confirmed, “Yes, we’re dating.” Shortly thereafter, Kathy Hummels also got engaged. Then she wrote on her account: “Tonight I have a dinner date with Ludwig.” And instead of meat and potatoes, she gives her son a vegetarian lasagna. In addition, she used the hashtag “Love Passes the Stomach” and “Germany Next Topmama”, which, obviously, can be understood as a dig at the winner of the “GNTM”. However, that wasn’t the end of it, as Kathy soon showed that Celine apparently sent her an article about her and Mats.

But later, the model spoke of “fake news.” To make the entire love affair even more complicated, she mentioned Mats’ alleged ex-flame as well: Lisa Staub. There were rumors of love for the table tennis player and influencer last year. However, the actual relationship has not been confirmed. In any case, Lisa defended Kathy and said that the winning model’s behavior “won’t really work.” But the latest recording of the son’s mother paints a different picture.

Kathy Hummels with a clear statement

Kathy Hummels has now posted a family shot with Mats and her son Ludwig to her profile. The three seemed to be having a good time together. The 34-year-old wrote: “It’s a good day to have fun.” She added the hashtag “Teamwork.” So far, more than 37,000 people have marked the post with hearts, and there have been over a thousand comments.

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user said: “Okay, here’s an answer in style. Have a great time.” Here’s what this follower saw: “I’ve been following you for a long time and I have to say out of respect for how you handle all the hate, all the resentment, and all the bad news. I like you. Do whatever you want.” Plus, one user wrote: “Oh, some people are really gasping right now. Pretty cool move.”

Kathy Hummels makes fun of the headlines

The fact that Kathy doesn’t seem to take talking about the current relationship groups in the Hummels house seriously, was later found out on her Instagram story. Bild named her Celine and Lisa as a “three-way” the footballer allegedly had a problem with.

In response, she replied: “With this three-player series, you can also play from the sofa and at the same time get fit again. As the Bavarians say: ‘Who is out, who is out.'” (Editor’s note: Who can, who can) “”

Photo: screenshot / Instagram / cathyhummels

Kathy has repeatedly emphasized that they always stand together as a family. When asked about her relationship, the mediator said in an interview RTL By the way, at the beginning of the year: “I always say: It’s all good for us and we’ll always be family – no matter what.” Since the summer of 2021, there has been wild speculation that the two should no longer be a couple after 15 years. So far, they have not publicly addressed the reports regarding their alleged breakup. But the truth is that Mats has been under contract with Borussia Dortmund since 2019 and lives in the Ruhr region. Cathy stayed in Munich.

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