Authorized permanent concerts in Vieilles Charrues

The county of Finistere authorizes concerts on Wednesdays in front of a permanent audience at the Vieilles Charrues Festival.

Good news for viewers of Vieilles Charrues, they will be able to attend the permanent concerts. Here’s what festival organizers just announced in a delightful tweet:

BREAKING NEWS: Finistere State Allows Free Seating! Bleachers (Free Seating Within Available Seats) Are Retained and the ‘floor’ in front of the stage is changed to a standing configuration.

“We have worked a lot with the province’s departments, and we have permission for the festival to be held standing, and we announce it loudly to all festival-goers,” festival director Jerome Trehorel told AFP.

“strong sign”

And he continued, “The artists will be happy, and we will revive a festival very soon than we usually witness,” before the health crisis. “We also want to say it out loud at all the other festivals: ‘Go see the Conservatives, chances are, it’s a strong sign,’ because for a year and a half we’ve been in the doldrums and we’ve had good news,” the person in charge develops.

Unlike other festivals such as Hellfest, Lollapalooza, Garorock or even Solidays, the Breton Festival has remained consistent and adapted to a healthy context. The artists scheduled to participate in this very special edition won’t be announced until Friday morning.

In the face of government recommendations, festival organizers in February announced an entirely new organization for the 2021 edition.

The festival revealed its program at the end of May. At least 30 artists scheduled. Thursday, July 8, Maya Kamati, Marina Sati and Viani will open the dance. It will then follow Silly Boy Blue, Raphaël and Miossec, then, on Friday the 9th, Johan Papaconstantino, Prudence and Woodkid, on Saturday the 10th, Last Train, L’Impératrice and Philippe Katerine on Sunday the 11th.

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The following week, the festivities will resume on Tuesday 13 July with Hervé, Yseult and then Gaël Faye. They will continue with Requin Chagrin, Feu! Chatterton and then Benjamin Bewlay on Wednesday the 14th, Jodi Malik, Ben Mazie and Boom on Thursday 15th, and Brig Griffino, Stefan Escher and Catherine Ringer on Friday the 16th.


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