New Number One on Netflix: 'We're All Dead' So Screaming

What is all this horrific scene? The new Korean series has been on Netflix since January 28 We are all dead to see. At most since Squid broke all records for the streaming service at no time at all last year, the movie nation of Korea has gained many new fans. The new show is all about the popular horror movie Zombies – and this invasion has hit the show’s charts! But what isWe are all dead“?

The new series is based on an online comedy that was a hit in some Southeast Asian countries a few years ago. The material edit was already ordered in April 2020 – and now it’s thrilling horror fans all over the world: The zombie virus is released in a high school and gradually infects the whole town. The show requires strong tension – because the story is bloodthirsty from the very first episode.

Attendance comesWe are all dead“Anyway, in the best way Instagram Netflix has now announced the top ten German series – The zombie patch is number one! In the first few days, the Korean show managed to impress a large number of viewers.

Scene from “Squid Game”
Der Cast von “All of Us Are Dead”
Shooting of the movie “We are all dead”
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