They claim that the complaint against him is

Hector Para, the actor facing charges of sexual assault, would have been I mentioned “revenge”. Although one ex girlfriend.

So confirmed Lupita Bolanos, girlfriend Hector Para And who gave testimonials in favor of the actor.

Paulina Gariga, former Hector Parra, would have denounced the actor for “revenge”

In an interview with De Primera Mano, Lupita Bolanos stated that Paulina Garriga -Girlfriend from Hector Paradenounce representative of “revengeand I am sorry.

Since then, according to what he said, the woman has been Suspicious situations and “harassment” After ending his relationship with Hector Para.

“They finished and Hector began to feel that I was chasing him, that is the truth, because he used to tell me about it (…), by chance when they finished she becomes an actress, not an actress, she becomes . “

Lupita Bolanos

Let’s remember that after Jenny Hoffman and Alexa Barra complained about the actor, Polina Garriga acted as a witness.

According to the testimony of Lupita Bolaños, ex girlfriend from Hector Para He would take advantage of the situation Get revenge him to finish it.

Hector Para (Mexico Agency)

Finally, a friend Hector Para Sorry about that, though Warnings that she gave to his representative ex girlfriendThis won’t take them seriously.

“I warned Hector that he made me a girl who loved him or him, and that is too great a disgrace to have. That is why I began to look for more people, to lay the weeds.”

Lupita Bolanos

Ida Pierce, former partner of Hector Parra, is also suspicious of Paulina Garriga

On July 22, actress Aida Pierce, who also had a relationship Hector Para, I admit it I questioned the veracity of Paulina Garriga’s testimony.

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This is because the woman told him about “strange” experiences in her opinion, to blame the actor.

“She started telling me things about her and Hector Parra and said, ‘I saw how her daughter sat down to watch a movie and I looked for Jenny Hoffman because he had already thundered me,'” Aida Pierce said.

After this conversation, the actress was reluctant to trust Polina Gariga.

“I didn’t know her, and so I told her with her little fingers, it seems very strange to me that a person who ends up with someone looking for an ex to be her boyfriend,” recalls the celebrity.


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