Bungie wants to know if you've been cheating at Destiny 2, according to a new survey

Player surveys are nothing new for Destiny 2 — Bungie sent around a $450 diary study just last November. The latest questionnaire includes a section about cheating, with the option to admit if you’ve participated in any under-the-table action.

As shared by The Verge senior editor Tom Warren on Twitter, one question asks about players’ “experience with cheating related to Destiny 2 in the past month.” There are check boxes for having witnessed or heard about cheating, as well as responses that straight-up admit to cheating in PvP and PvE. Cheating is definitely not cool, but admitting to doing so in a survey is a stupid move for a generally savvy player community. We’ve seen Destiny 2 players max out their mobility in response to a challenge from Bungie — now we’ll see how many of them fall for this (silly) survey trap.

With The Witch Queen expansion fast approaching, cheating is likely on Bungie’s mind to some degree. It’s bringing a bunch of new Exotic armors and weapons, many of which some Destiny 2 players would love to get by less-than-legit means. In any case, the expansion’s release date is February 22, not even a full week from this writing. You can start pre-loading The Witch Queen the night before, from 9 PM PT.

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