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social networks It’s the perfect place for newcomers like Romina Poza to introduce themselves to the general public and monopolize their trends. And this despite being Daughter of well-known actors Myrene Villanueva And Jorge Poza, criticism and negative comments did not last. However, not much is known about this A young influencer who has nearly 250 thousand followers on Instagram.

Like almost all young women of her age, 21-year-old Romina Buza is almost a celebrity on social networks, having become known as the new daughter of actress Myrin Villanueva, a well-known translator of novels such as “I’ll Always Love You” and “Alma Rebeldi.”

And although Princess Villanueva and Jorge Poza have made it clear that they would like to be an actress like her parents, the fear of disappointment and the fear of failure remain.

Of course, few followers know about the life of little Romina. Therefore, we will give you some information about Akbar Poza-Villanueva.

Sheikh of the brothers

Born at the end of 2000, Romina Poza is the eldest daughter of Jorge Posa and Marin Villanueva, two extinct actors of the past decade.

younger brother, Sebastian Buza, admires following in his parents’ footstepsBecause he devotes himself entirely to acting and theatre.

In addition to this, he also has a half-sister named Julia, who is the result of the relationship between him Mother Marin Villanueva and Eduardo Santamaria.

Sports and meditation

Romina is a huge fan of yoga and meditation, so much so that she took courses with her mother. Activities that earned him to calm his fears and anxiety.

Likewise, he is someone who really loves spending time with his family, which is why he constantly uploads photos with his family, either on his Facebook or his Instagram.

Romina Pozza in love

Unfortunately for his followers, his heart has been at stake for too long, and he’s been posting pictures with a handsome young man in recent months.

Romina Pozzo with Jess Romero, The Brave (Photo: Romina Pozzo/Instagram)
Romina Pozzo with Jess Romero, The Brave (Photo: Romina Pozzo/Instagram)

This is Jose Romero, who seems to have a good relationship with the family. Congratulations, Roman!

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