***European Union and the United States: There is no agreement on steel and aluminum tariffs, and negotiations will continue

The same regarding anti-China measures due to overproduction and the IRA (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) – Brussels, October 20 – The bilateral EU-US summit in Washington was preliminary and it is not clear when an agreement will be reached on trade issues Open for some time. Joe Biden indicated in the public statement that negotiations are continuing and that the European-American partnership, in any case, is decisive in confronting the challenges of the economy and China’s power. “We need to be united,” Biden said.

That the discussions had been difficult and that this would not be a decisive meeting was out of the question and no one, after all, expected big news. On the other hand, while Biden mentioned the trade issues on the table, without going into their details, neither European Council President Charles Michel nor Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke about them. In essence, the three statements did not add anything in this regard. Which makes us understand the difficulty of the moment.

The United States and the European Union are trying to present the ongoing negotiations, through which the currently divergent positions are being measured, in the best possible way. Before the start of the bilateral summit, Biden indicated that once the “truce” on US tariffs on European steel and aluminum imports ends, it will not be reinstated in order to continue discussions with the European Union. Other issues on the table are measures to limit excess Chinese production capacity in those same sectors; How to overcome the discrimination suffered by European electric cars, which are now excluded from the US tax breaks provided by the inflation reduction law; Supply of basic minerals; Measures to address Chinese state-subsidized overproduction of steel and aluminum.

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