Germany: Thousands demonstrate against the far-right plan to deport immigrants

Thousands of people took part in marches in more than 100 German cities over the weekend to protest an alleged far-right plan to deport migrants. Many signs against the Alternative for Democracy Party


A huge wave of people swept through more than 100 cities in Germany over the weekend to protest against the far-right, following last week's scandal that revealed some members of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party were calling for migrants to be deported. According to organizers, at Saturday's demonstration More than 250 thousand people participated. Other marches filled the streets of Berlin and other cities across the country on Sunday morning.

Thousands in Frankfurt: “We are the majority”

In Frankfurt, more than 35,000 demonstrators took to the streets on Saturday. Here, as in other cities, they held signs reading “No human being is illegal,” “Never again 1933” and “Hate is not an opinion.” “We are united as Democrats against the misanthropes in our country“, said the mayor frankfurt mike joseph Participating in the demonstration, I did not expect to be alone here. But there are a lot of them, not only here, but all the way to Zell (the shopping street in Frankfurt, Mr. Dr). It's a great feeling to know that we are in the majorityMiron Mendel, head of the Anne Frank Memorial Foundation in Frankfurt, told Euronews. Tens of thousands of people also participated in a march in Hamburg Friday evening to demonstrate against the AfD and other right-wing extremists.

Far-right event with plan to deport immigrants

Last week, the newspaper Correctiv reported on an alleged far-right meeting in November, attended by members of the extreme identity movement and the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. A prominent member of the Identity Movement, Austrian citizen Martin Sellner, offered his vision of the “remigration” of deportations.

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The AfD attempted to distance itself from the meeting, stating that it had no organizational or financial ties to the event, that it was not responsible for what was discussed and that members who attended did so in a purely personal capacity. but, An AfD leader broke up with an advisor who was present At the meeting, he criticized the news itself.


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