Giorgia Meloni, the voice on the first international flight.  Message to the world - time

An important signal, that which emerges from the first international meetings that Giorgia Meloni is planning. According to rumors reported by The Fact, the Prime Minister who will swear on Saturday 22 October in Quirinale with the new government will be her first trip to Ukraine by President Volodymyr Zelensky who has invited her to Kyiv.

An important signal also in light of the controversies of recent days, with Zelensky’s advisor Mikhailo Podolak saying: “Any crisis opens the way for real leaders. While Mr. Berlusconi is under the influence of Russian vodka in the company of” five friends of Putin in Europe, Giorgia Meloni demonstrates the real principles A true understanding of global challenges. Everyone chooses his own path.”

However, the first meeting with an international leader may come on Monday with French President Emmanuel Macron in Italy from tomorrow for a meeting with the Sant’Egidio community. “I am going to Rome to attend the Sant’Egidio Community Conference and to meet with the Pope. As part of this trip, President Mattarella has graciously invited me to meet him and I will do so. Given the institutional uncertainty in the European Council meeting about his possible meeting with Meloni, the moment is nothing more than expected,” Macron said at the conclusion of the European Council meeting at the conclusion of the European Council meeting on his possible meeting with Meloni. “.

“On Monday, we will see institutional developments in line with practice,” he added, adding that he was “ready to work with the Italian prime minister within the framework of the European Council.” Moreover, on the international agenda of the new prime minister, the dates of November 15-16 are marked in red when the G-20 is to be held in Indonesia, where US President Joe Biden will also be there.

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