Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister's staff threw a party the night before Prince Philip's funeral

The new scandal is narrated by The Telegraph, which cites two first-hand testimonies from two ceremonies organized when the country was in lockdown.

The new scandal is told by The Telegraph, which cites new reports on party gate After the prime minister admitted meeting in Downing Street Park in May 2020 when the country was in lockdown.

According to the Telegraph, Consultants and public officials They were meeting after work on two occasions, on April 16 last year, to say goodbye to Slack and also to say goodbye to one of the Prime Minister’s personal photographers.

On both occasions, there will be no shortage of alcohol and this was told by witnesses People drink and dance late at night. and one of the employees who will be sent to a nearby supermarket with a bag filled with bottles of wine. A witness reported seeing a staff member use and break the swing of Johnson’s son Wilfred in the garden.

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