Tigres: Sebastián Córdova tardó, pero ya comienza a adaptarse

Mexican Sebastian Cordova arrived at the Tigers for $5 million and it took several months to adjust. Little by little the Mexican was losing his place on the field. He went 10 games in a row without being a starter. But he finally managed to score his first goal as a cat and his performance improved.

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Cordova was one of the top players in the last Tigres match against Toluca. The former American had a direct participation in the first goal. And as if that wasn’t enough, he scored the second goal of the night, demonstrating his ability to shoot from mid-range. His performance was well received by cat fans.

Interestingly, before the meeting, Cordoba drowned in criticism. He had no physical complications or issues off the field, Miguel Herrera wouldn’t have thought of. Sure, the competition to attack is great. The 24-year-old Mexican should take any of the starters like Gignac, Quiñones, Thauvin and Vigónincluding Soteldo.

Cordova scored a goal again 5 months later. The last time he netted was when he was still wearing the colors of America. His lack of play led to his exclusion from recent calls to the Mexican national team.

With his last match, Sebastian showed that he just needed confidence. In his prime, he was firmly rooted with the Eagles. Score goals left or right and distribute the match. right Now Cordova will try to return to this level, especially with the aim of entering into the invitations of Mexico to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar..

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At the moment, Los Vilinos are leading the way and have already secured their place in the next round of the tournament. Sebastian Cordova may have taken time to adjust to Tigres, but he still had time to defend.


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