Aliou Sisi on Pope Abu Sisi's exit:

Senegal scored one goal all around in Lome against the Togo Hawks. Aliou Cisse, in a post-match press conference, returned to director Babi Abou Cisse.

Nostalgic for the Eleven of the Lions since March 2019, Pope Abou Sissi is established today against Togo after the absence of Abdou Diallo who tested positive for the Coronavirus. However, the Olympiacos defender from Piraeus did not play the whole match as he went out in the 71st minute to make way for midfielder Nambales Mendy. A goal error for the Lions at the end of the first half, his coach Aliou Cisse wanted to clarify the situation when he was knocked out in the second half.

« Babi Abu Sisi’s exit is not a punishment at all, it’s just a tactical change“, Said Aliou Cisse frankly at a press conference. The Senegal coach also explained this situation, which he considers a tactical change.” We wanted to bring something else and adapt to this Togolese team. They were often outnumbered in midfield and added a third player in midfield. So we managed to control the midfielder in the second half, go out to the sides and equalise«.

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