CM - Hélène Rollès: Her very rare confidence in her private life with her children

In the columns of Télé Star magazine, Hélène Rollès revealed her children’s tastes in music and television, as well as the atmosphere prevailing at home.

On the occasion of the release of her tenth album on August 20, 2021, Télé Star had the opportunity to meet Hélène Rollès, the queen of Galaxy AB Productions d’Hélène and the youth of The Mysteries of Love. During this interview, the actress and singer shared some rare intimate relationships about their family life with their two children. When asked about her musicians, for example, the artist admitted that she actually doesn’t have anything anymore because her son Marcus and daughter John still play music at home!

Hélène Rollès explained: “I’m torn between them. My daughter’s voice and my son’s voice at home, it’s already a voice like that (laughs) I take a short break, I wait until they are old to restore the sound. At home.” Small screen, so dynamic. When they are not watching TV, the star admits that his descendants control the programming: “They choose films. There were a lot of cartoons, now my son’s films are actors or dancers. ” To my daughter. We’ve seen stranger things together and Lucifer anyway. They love her so much.”

However, Helen Rollet reveals that her children sometimes catch a glimpse of love mysteries. However, she admits that she has censored some scenes that she considers too daring: “There are plots in which I hide my children’s eyes (laughs) but everything is still funny and going on.” When Hélène Rollès’ new record finally became a nostalgic and sometimes sad tone, he declared The song-translator of his constant friend Jean-Luc Azoulay says he doesn’t have the traits of his personality: the future. “Since I have young children, this is normal,” she says.

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This picture is not new, it is now larger and a little swollen in the face.. and her children are adopted from the series of secrets of love, I am relaxing..

I’ve always been a fan of gorgeous Hélène since the beginning. I love this woman, she is beautiful, talented singer and good actress. (Farida)

It’s a meme mate that’s not cool at all. I saw her at the airport, there were people who wanted selfies but it was fine, there wasn’t as much as 4 or 5 and she was sending them wrong.

What is Mathy Mimi doing here? …but anyway, even Mathieu is right to protect himself from the paparazzi

She was very cute, but like everyone else she became old and fat. It’s time to develop a second-rate soap opera a little more. Between couples who make and break, those who live in a threesome and girls together and boys try themselves… It’s pathetic… What image of adolescence and maturity do we give to our youth!!!

To be honest, this bitch is going to earn her entire career with Hélène and the boys. What a shame to make the most of this vein… I love vacations with this group of disabled adults, everyone sleeps with everyone, legal and illegitimate children. !!!! Is this the example of life we ​​want to leave for our youth??? It’s a little better than Angel Feasts and all that nonsense!!!

good morning. What if these shows are “good” to the people who watch them. There is nothing bad in my eyes, it is easy, and it does not matter which house is poorly run. On the other hand, you are right, angels, Marseilles, that it is “up to the front” and this shows a bad image of the woman… She is not the same age as Helen and the boys at the same time uh…

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