Developer pokemon go, niantic, Advertise an event with Ed Sheeran Who will present a virtual party on the game platform next November 22.

As the “Shivers” singer performs some of the most popular songs of his career, thousands of fans will be able to enjoy exclusive sales And other amenities Pokemon Go.

There is still no confirmation on a possible avatar representing Brits in the app, but it has been confirmed that this short virtual concert will be available in the game’s news section for eight days.

This is from From Monday 22nd to Tuesday 30th November You can watch the video on topics such as “Perfection”, “bad habits”, thinking out loud and more.

This virtual event hasn’t been a pioneer in the video game business since then It is an electronic game He replicated this initiative with singers like Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, who exclusively owned avatars very dedicated to their “reality”.

In addition to the much-anticipated Ed Sheeran party, Niantic has a few surprises for Pokemon Go fans. At the start of this event, users will be able to purchase a file An exclusive item for your avatar.

Similarly, the company announced that Sprinkle with sunglasses You’ll be back in the app, but it seems this replay isn’t random because it’s one of my favorite Sheeran Pokemon.

Just as Fortnite had a large variety of Amenities, accessories and leather Among other exclusives to the characters being integrated into the video game “world”, it looks like Pokemon Go will follow in the video game’s footsteps with this first musical release.

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Not only have these dynamics generated expectations in the players, but they also represent for the companies involved (Epic and Niantic) a large number of active players.


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