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Adamari Lopez seems clear that no negative comment about the father of her daughter Alaa will come out of her mouth. The famous Spanish dancer keeps giving what she talks about inside The house of the famous. His strategy is to remain virtually neutral on the reality show. He is from the blue room, but fraternizes with those in the purple room. Yvonne Monteiro and Osvaldo Rios also had this match, until they ended up burning. Nyorca Marcos pointed this out and the Spaniards weren’t very good.

Those in the Blue Room pressure Tony to make his decision, to distance himself from Daniela Navarro, and to distance himself from Laura Pozzo, Salvador Zarboni, and Rafael Neves. Yvonne Monteiro herself has given him a living example, so he knows that just as they did her, he might also end up injured in the crossfire.

Nyorca was on Telemundo and spoke with Hector Sandarte and Jimena Gallegos about some of the participants. When he had to talk about Tony Costa, he didn’t hesitate to say that Adamari Lopez’s ex-husband needs self-respect. Quique Usales handled the case in Hoy Día with Lopez. So she did not flinch. Puerto Rico refuses to pass judgment on its former home role. He seems to prefer the public to see him inside and let them alone form an opinion of the father of his only daughter.

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