Legendary Swedish band ABBA on Friday, October 22, revealed their new single, Just a Notion, while they await their next album, due out on November 5.

And the day before, ABBA teased its fans, with an announcement shared via their Twitter account. “The fans have spoken! After many requests, ABBA will officially release the single “Just a Notion” at midnight, so we can read it. This is the third single from the group’s new album, which they will call “Voyage.”

«just an ideaIt’s a title the four Swedes describe as “ridiculous”. Far from the first piano beats, the instrument remains faithful to their pop that always makes you dance. And with that energetic voice, ABBA hopes this track will be “comfortable in these dark times.”

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However, you should know that “Just a Notion” is not dated today as it was actually recorded in 1978, when the group was working on the “Want you” project, which came out a year later. Moreover, in the box of the group “Thank You For The Music”, dating back to 1994, the biggest fans have already managed to hear a 90-second excerpt, which was also present.

Today, the song “Just a Notion” has been dusted off, and for this new release, “Benny recorded a different backing track that had drums and guitars added to it,” ABBA explains, before finishing the illustration well. That “All audio parts are from the original 1978 tracks”.

“In a way, this shows what we plan to do with ABBA Voyage in 2022: We will have a group that will play live, but all the sounds will be from old records,” the Swedish musicians explain.

And, as a reminder, ABBA announced last month that it is making a comeback after 40 years of absence. For the occasion, the four artists who make up the band Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Annie-Fried will perform on May 27 in a revolutionary concert where they will appear as a digital avatar at their ‘ABBA Arena’, made just for them, at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.

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